5 Fun Alarm Clocks to Get your Day Started

By Sara Maldonado

Confession: I am not a morning person. But waking up to a fun alarm clock can make it slightly easier to wake up a little brighter each morning. Below are some of my favorites.  

Wake Up Light with Sunrise Sunset Simulation – This alarm clock SIMULATES SUNLIGHT. Need I say more?

Peakeep 4″ Twin Bell Alarm Clock – I love this little old timey alarm clock. Very vintage and very cool.

Wooden LED Digital Alarm Clock, Displays Time Date And Temperature, Cube – For those following a minimalist lifestyle, this alarm clock is sure to please. The neat lines are so smooth and soothing.

Color Changing Speaker,Alarm Clock – I know it says it’s for kids but hear me out: it changes colors! You could wake up to a disco party every morning. And who doesn’t need a little more disco in their life?

GEARONIC TM Modern Triangle Wood LED Wooden Alarm Digital Desk Clock – This triangular piece of wood is actually an alarm clock. Not only is it a natural beauty, it also has voice control. You can yell at it to shut up every morning.

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